• Overview

    The Uroview 8K can help you meet your clinical needs with:

    • Precision Imaging - View your images in superb detail on the Uroview 8K's large, high-resolution monitor using digital flat detector imaging technology.
    • Dynamic Workflow - From patient set-up to case cleanup, the Uroview 8K's compact design and ease of use helps simplify the dynamic aspects of your workflow.
    • Optimal Access - From transferring a single patient to managing a full day's caseload, the advanced ergonomics and table positioning of the Uroview 8K gives you optimal access to the patient and promotes a comfortable environment for you and your staff.
    • OEC Support - Be confident in your Uroview 8K because it includes support from the dedicated  GE OEC expert clinical and service teams.
  • Benefits

    With the Uroview 8K:

    • Improve your workflow and productivity. Easy patient set-up, intuitive table side controls and foot pedals, along with streamlined case cleanup offer you the ability to maximize efficiency and minimize room turnover.
    • Optimize dose management. The Uroview 8K is designed to provide diagnostic image quality using advanced dose saving strategies, including larger field of view for fewer exposures.
    • See more clearly. View images in superb detail on the high resolution monitor that uses digital flat detector imaging technology.
    • Maximize access. Accommodate a wide range of patients (pediatric to 628 lbs) and access patients quickly and easily with the compact open-area tower. 
  • OEC Support

    Be confident in your Uroview 8K because it’s the only fixed urology system sold today that includes support from dedicated GE Healthcare and OEC C-arm clinical and service teams.

    Every system includes expert installation and on-site clinical training from support experts.  A certified clinical imaging specialist will stay with your staff during your initial orientation and training and will also provide you with access to electronic materials that can be shared with current and future staff members.

    Eighty-five percent of US Uroview 8K customers can call upon a service engineer within 50 miles. The field service engineering team is committed to servicing your Uroview 8K.

    GE Healthcare is an authorized distributor of Uroview FDII which is manufactured by PAUSCH Medical GmbH, Germany.



See images clearly in a comprehensive range of urological cases.  The Uroview 8K provides large field of view along with a robust imaging platform to show you exact imaging detail.

Manage dose exposure without sacrificing image quality.  Designed to provide diagnostic image quality using dose saving strategies, features include:
  • Pulsed mode allowing you to reduce dose to your staff, your patients, and anyone else in the room
  • Ability to collimate a scout image without additional fluoroscopy shots and dose
  • Anti-scatter grid that can be disengaged with the click of a button to accommodate pediatric patients
Optimal patient access for a comfortable environment.  Ergonomically focused features are designed to reduce fatigue and give you more control of the system and procedure.
  • The compact open-area tower provides space and full patient contact from all four sides
  • The integrated boom and articulating arm accommodate multiple monitor positions
  • Quickly and precisely position table for each procedure
Easy cleanup for faster room turnover. Clean up easier with a hinged, carbon fiber patient table top, fewer cables to work around, and an optimized mechanical design.


  • Large field of view – 17 inch x 17 inch dynamic digital flat panel detector
  • Superb resolution and grayscale with 2880 x 2880 resolution and 16 bit image processing
  • 32" inch high resolution LCD display monitor with picture in picture capability on articulating arms
  • Optimized detective quantum efficiency (DQE) of the dynamic digital flat detector
  • Diverse table top movements – elevation, transverse, longitudinal, Trendelenburg, and reverse Trendelenburg
  • Precise imaging chain movement to fine tune field-of-view placement
  • Adjustable low table height (25.2 inches) with near 360 degree SmartAccess