Critical Care Suite

GE Healthcare has developed a revolutionary new tool that is designed to quickly identify and help prioritize critical cases such as Pneumothorax.

Quality Care Suite

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Critical Care Suite in action

Critical Care Suite automatically scans images immediately upon acquisition in the x-ray system for critical findings (pneumothorax) without requiring additional infrastructure or IT networking to implement the AI solution. The x-ray artificial intelligence notifications arrive in PACS at the exact same time as the original DICOM images, causing no additional delay or processing time, enabling escalation of image review and shorter turn-around times for prioritized cases. Designed to optimize x-ray image management and enhance triage notification procedures, Critical Care Suite utilizes on-device artificial intelligence to prioritize pneumothorax detection.
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  3. The tech notification is generated 15 mins after exam closure. It is contextual and does not provide any diagnostic information. The on-device, tech notification is not intended to inform any clinical decision, prioritization, or action.
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* GE plans to make Critical Care Suite available on Optima 240amx in the near future.