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  • CARESCAPE™ Monitor B650

    Connect devices in a flexible, scalable, integrated system that provides fast access to clinical intelligence with the ability to retrieve data more efficiently across your enterprise. Reconfigure quickly for patient acuity and type using Profiles & Pages.
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  • Advanced Breathing System (ABS)

    The 2.7 liter volume ABS delivers quick response to changes in fresh gas and anesthetic agent due to its small volume. Visible rising bellows helps indicate leaks. Autoclaveable-no tools disassembly.
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  • Digital Flow Valves

    GE's 7900 SmartVent delivers premium ICU flow valve technology for advanced ventilation and fast response to all of our anesthesia systems. All GE anesthesia delivery solutions employ digitally controlled flow valve technology similar to that found in our Engström* Critical Care Ventilator.
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  • Robust design for improved workflow

    ·Central Brake, metal work surfaces and top shelf mounting rails. ·Inboard/outboard display. ·Tilt/swivel display & patient monitor. ·Integrated gradual-level illumination for vaporizers and tabletop.
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  • Integrated Airway (Gas) Module

    The airway module measures and monitors gases delivered to the patient using a gas sampling line attached to the breathing circuit. Commonly referred to as the gas module, this component includes sensors for measuring carbon dioxide, nitrous oxide, anesthetic agents and oxygen.
    Integrated Air way
  • Three Vaporizer Option

    Tec™ Vaporizers combine clinical performance with ergonomic design to deliver Isoflurane, Sevoflurane, Halothane and Enflurane efficiently. Innovative Easy-fil™ simplifies agent filling and helps minimize agent leaks. Tec 7 is factory service free, eliminating the need for scheduled service.
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