CardIQ Physio

A comprehensive view of myocardial perfusion and function.
A comprehensive view of myocardial perfusion and function.

Evaluation of myocardial tissue viability in patients with ischemic left ventricular dysfunction has important clinical and therapeutic implications. Since patients with ventricular dysfunction are at higher operative risk, cardiologists and cardiac surgeons often have to weigh the balance between the potential risks and benefit of revascularization procedures.

CardIQ Physio is a totally integrated post-processing assessment package that includes processing, visualization, and quantification protocols. CardIQ Physio gives you the ability to accurately and reproducibly quantify left ventricular volumes, ejection fractions, and myocardial mass. CardIQ Physio is optimized to perform cardiac function assessment using GE Discovery PET multi-bin and multi-slice cardiac PET images. This non-invasive method may aid in the diagnosis and treatment protocol of cardiovascular disease.


  • Smart smoothing improves IQ of functional maps in presence of noise.
  • Streamlined workflow for tissue classification.
  • Permits injection rates of 4cc/sec.
  • Features CT brain stroke and tumor protocols.
  • Offers a variety of functional maps.


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