We are committed to creating a healthier future for women. So we create ultrasound solutions that enhance the connection between our clinical partners and their patients, and work relentlessly to break new ground and advance innovation in women’s health. And we do it all with the goal of empowering our partners to provide the kind of exceptional care that will exponentially improve women’s lives, and ensure better health for generations.

Ultrasound can help you confidently care for your OB/GYN patients, simultaneously addressing the evolving gynecological needs of an aging population and managing the rise in pregnancy-related complications1. GE Healthcare’s ultrasound solutions help you efficiently and confidently diagnose and treat a wide variety of women’s health conditions, from gynecological exams and pregnancy planning through early pregnancy and birth.

Our ultrasound solutions help you easily scan patients, distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity, confidently explore fetal images, and detect abnormalities earlier than ever before.

From routine transvaginal ultrasound to sonohysterography and beyond, 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound imaging tools are a critical part of reproductive medicine. That's why our Voluson™ and Versana™ ultrasound technologies continually push the boundaries of IVF ultrasound and fertility ultrasound imaging to give you simple, yet innovative tools that help you and your patients achieve their dream of a successful pregnancy.

Our systems deliver exceptional image quality and performance through superior resolution and penetration so you can easily evaluate normal anatomy, search for pathology, monitor stimulated follicles, and perform retrievals and implantations.

High-risk pregnancies occur in 6%-8% of pregnancies in the United States2, and ultrasound is a critical tool in helping you monitor these pregnancies. From genetic screening and prenatal diagnosis to scanning the fetal heart, ultrasound helps you diagnose a wide range of fetal abnormalities so you can compassionately counsel your patients.

The Voluson™ family of 3D ultrasound and 4D ultrasound technologies keep you at the forefront of women's health care so you can help your high-risk patients achieve their goal of a healthy pregnancy.Our innovative technologies help you to view fetal anatomy and abnormalities earlier than ever before, distinguish the tiniest structures with stunning clarity, and confidently assess intervention options.

From evaluating amniotic fluid and assessing fetal position to evaluating fetal cardiac activity and fetal progression, ultrasound gives you critical information to support outstanding patient care during labor and delivery.

Ultrasound imaging systems from GE Healthcare help you make informed clinical decisions with capabilities that help you evaluate labor progression. With our ultrasound solutions, you can help safeguard the health and comfort of mother and baby and create a positive experience for your patients.

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