Clinical Network Solutions

GE Healthcare’s comprehensive Clinical Network Solutions help support all of your clinical network needs, from start to finish.

Your patient data is priceless, so investing in your network to help ensure it is protected is crucial. You need a proven partner that knows your GE Healthcare devices, workflow and data integration to support your clinical network needs.

GE Healthcare’s Clinical Network Services provide a comprehensive, on-premise solution to help manage your clinical network and ensure the secure transfer, processing, and display of real-time patient data. Paired with our remote monitoring application, you can monitor your clinical network and send proactive alerts for potential failures on-the-go to minimize network downtime and avoid disruptions to patient care.

  • Getting patient data where it needs to be – safely and securely

  • Your patient monitoring network is often overlooked, until it goes down.

  • Proactively analyze your clinical network.

Your guide to best practices for managing patient monitoring networks.