OEC Elite CFD는 저선량에서의 편리하고 효율적인 워크플로우와 더불어 높은 이미지 선명도와 디테일을 제공합니다.
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C-arm Models

Ergo C

  • Reach with 55° of overscan and 97° underscan
  • Agile C-arm with 26.5" arc depth
  • Efficient positioning with 180°/180° flip flop
  • Set and go with color-coded gradual brakes
  • Accommodating low lateral height
  • Less adjustments with small AP/Lateral offset

Super C

  • Reach with 55° of overscan and 90° underscan
  • Greater working space with 33" arc depth
  • True lateral views with ease
  • Easy rollover views
  • Accommodating low lateral height
  • Motorized option with remote user interface