C-arm Models

    Standard C

    • Efficient positioning with 90°/180° flip flop
    • Additional range of motion and positioning flexibility with SmartView pivot joint
    • Productive with low lateral height and small AP/Lat offset
    • Max Orbital Rotation 178° (9") and 181° (12")
    • 30% less force to steer*
    • Available with 9” and 12” detectors


    Super C

    • Reach with 55° of overscan and 90° underscan
    • Access with 33" arc depth
    • Low lateral height at 41”
    • Comfortable radial dial brakes
    • 30% less force to steer*
    • Available with 9” detector

    *Compared to 9900 Elite System


    GE Healthcare's clinical and service teams support thousands of OEC C-arms worldwide, providing key insight in how to improve the ease and efficiency of surgical workflow. The OEC Elite was designed with these improvements in mind. So now your surgical team can experience this efficiency firsthand, so much so, they may not even notice how easy it is to operate.