• The challenge

  • Defining success

  • Maximize previous investments

  • Maximize previous investments


Say hello to shortened decision making time

When it comes to the heart, time is everything

Heart Map new
  • Analyze ECG’s

    while the patient is in transit
  • Improves communication

    with everyone in the care pathway
  • Log in from any intranet

    connected device for immediate access
  • Thousands of users

    can access MUSE NX
  • Remotely view

    serial comparisons, Holter reports, and more
  • Supports quicker decision making

    with interpretive algorithms

Say hello to enhanced security

Meeting privacy and security requirements

  • Active directory connect

    for simple, secure login
  • Audit

    who has been looking at what
  • Centrally managed

    user groups
  • Comply with

    patient privacy requirements
  • Electronic delivery

    of security updates
  • Multiple security layers

    to protect patient data
  • Quickly integrates

    with existing security systems

Say hello to the clinical tools you trust


Why clinicians choose 12SL Serial Comparison

View and compare current, first previous and oldest ECGs on one screen. See significant changes in rhythm, P, QRS, ST, and T-waves.
  • Why everyone is talking about MUSE NX