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    The MAC 5500 HD lets you harness the power of the GE Healthcare MUSETM v8-one of the industry's leading cardiology management systems-for streamlined workflow and greater functionality.

    Enhanced bar code workflow with orders and ADT download capability work together to help improve efficiency across the enterprise. It's a system designed to help avoid costly misdiagnoses, automate processes for clinicians, and streamline workflow supporting improved quality of care and reduced cost for the hospital.

    Click graphic below to see the MAC 5500 HD and MUSE systems working together to improve ECG workflow.
    MAC 5500 HD Post MobileLink

    Wireless. Secure.

    MobileLinkTM wireless ECG communication can simplify ECG workflow by helping to prevent mistakes and reduce costs through:

    • Seamless integration with the Hospital Information System (HIS) for consistent charge capture
    • Rapid and efficient transfer of ECG and demographic information
    • Elimination of patient data re-entry
    • Accessibility of ECGs for review and reporting virtually anytime, anywhere

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